The beauty of a detail, the curve of a line, how light plays off materials in the natural world... these are my inspirations.  I use my interest in color, texture, and dimension to create original art, textile collections and structures.  Although I define myself as a designer who is never far from her loom, I'm also a technician who prepares digital Jacquard files for production weaving.

For over twenty years I have been an independent consultant and professional textile designer for the interiors market, specializing in modern aesthetics.  I work with mills, furniture manufacturers, and distributors to bring full color lines of specification driven product to both the contract and home interior markets.  My classic moderns span many categories, including upholstery, panel, wall covering, cubicle cloth and drapery.  In addition, I've extensive experience developing original textiles for men's suiting, shirts and ties.

This website is a work in progress.